Citations Dropped for Driver that Killed Pregnant Mother of Three

Citations Dropped for Driver that Killed Pregnant Mother of Three

Prosecutors have dropped all traffic charges for the driver who ran a stop sign in his pickup truck last week killing a pregnant mother and her three sons.  A driver blew past a stop sign in Beecher, Illinois, and hit the family’s Subaru.  29-year-old Lindsey Schmidt, pregnant with her fourth child, 1-year-old Kaleb, 4-year-old Weston and 6-year-old Owen were all killed in the crash.  The driver left the crash with minor injuries, including light surgery on a laceration to his arm.

Eddie Schmidt buried his wife and three children Wednesday, August 2.  The driver was initially charged with a traffic violation for speeding through a stop sign, but charges were dropped Thursday.

The driver, a male in his 20s, has been cooperating with police.  He claims he was on his way to work, his cruise control was set to 55 mph (the area’s legal speed limit), and no indication of drugs or alcohol was present.  Schmidt and her sons were killed driving on their way to vacation bible school.

According to authorities, Lindsey’s seatbelt and all her children’s seatbelts and car seats were secured at the time of the accident.

Prosecutors are dropping the traffic citations in perhaps an attempt to charge the driver with more serious charges.  The case is still under investigation, and while Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow didn’t state whether new charges would be filed, he did state that the previous traffic violation would have caused double jeopardy issues if more serious charges were filed later on in the case.

The investigation’s still looking into chemical test readings from the truck as well as cellphone and data use during the time of the crash.  The name of the driver has still not been released.

By Lauren Stevens