Chicago Police  starts new recruitment campaign, waives fees

Chicago Police starts new recruitment campaign, waives fees

As part of the ongoing hiring plan to add 1,000 officers to CPD, applications opened for candidates who want the opportunity to take CPD Entry Exam and apply to become a Chicago police officer. The campaign is the city’s effort to encourage a new generation of police officers to join the Department. As part of that effort, the City has taken several steps to remove barriers for candidates to take the exam and move through the hiring process, including elimination of the $30 exam fee, providing reduced-price parking on exam days, and implementation of opt-in text and email reminders to keep candidates engaged throughout the recruitment period. CPD has also revamped portions of the qualifications-verification post-exam, including giving multiple opportunities to take the physical fitness test, a new credit-repair workshop and revised background-check qualifications. 

The minimum age to apply and take the police exam is 20. At the time of hire (not at time of application), candidates must be a resident of the city of Chicago, have a valid State of Illinois Driver’s License, have 60 semester hours of college credit or 36 months of continuous active duty service; or one year continuous active service with 30 semester hours college credit. Officers who join the Chicago Police Department make $72,510 after 18 months and are eligible for healthcare benefits, tuition reimbursement, clothing allowances and a retirement plan while they are employed by CPD.

The deadline to apply is October 1 and the exam will take place on December 8. To apply visit: