Banner Wholesale Grocers debut new facility location

Richard Saltzman, President of Banner Wholesale Grocers / Photo by Chicago News
Richard Saltzman, President of Banner Wholesale Grocers / Photo by Chicago News

Banner Wholesale Grocers, currently located at 3000 South Ashland Avenue, will be moving to a brand new 75,000 square foot facility. Banner Wholesale Grocers is a family-owned-and-operated wholesale store servicing independent grocer for over 90 years, specializing in American and Hispanic products, carrying and evolving their variety of Hispanic food product selections for over 90 years now. In addition, Banner Wholesale keeps abreast with the growing food market in Central America, ensuring their shelves are stocked with the newest Hispanic food products. Currently Banner Wholesale Grocers carry over 4,500 Hispanic food and beverage items.

Banner Wholesale Grocers Grand Opening | Chicago NewsAt the Banner Wholesale Grocers pre-opening sneak peek event on Monday, September 10th, President Richard Saltzman expounds on the company’s product line objectives by stating, “We have some American and we have some Hispanic [foods] and I think we kind of reflect, what is in the United States right now. Rather than to segregate certain things, we combine everything together.” For instance, Banner Wholesale’s current beverage selection includes American staples such as Coke and Pepsi products. In addition to also carrying brands such as Jarritos and Topo Chico, which, according to Saltzman, also sell very well.

Regarding further expansion of their product line and other possible locations, Saltzman pointed to frozen food, refrigerator products, and food service. “It Banner Wholesale Grocers Grand Opening | Chicago Newsis what the customer demands, you always listen to your customer, what your customer wants, therefore it is always changing.” In creating an inclusive food shopping experience, Saltzman says he feels very fortunate that they could build something that would be very comfortable for the customer.

Banner Wholesale Grocers will open their new location to the public on September 25th. Design features of a new store include a cash and carry at the front, to provide a truly one-stop shopping experience. This is also an enhancement from the current location, where the cash and carry is located in a showroom and feels disconnected from the heart of the space. Additionally, there will also be a taqueria on-site, so customers can sit and relax before or after the shopping.

Photo Credit: Chicago News


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