$1 Million winning lotto scratch-off ticket sold in Chicago

$1 Million winning lotto scratch-off ticket sold in Chicago

“If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and play again,” said Liyah Sangathit, who recently claimed $1 million via a scratch-off lottery ticket. ABC7 Chicago detailed how back in February of this year, Sangathit was in a 7-Eleven when she decided to purchase a scratch-off $10 Million Cash Bonanza ticket. She was merely passing the time while she waited for her clothes to be done at a nearby laundromat. Little did she know that the spur of that moment decision, born mainly from a need to make a necessary chore a little less boring, would result in her becoming an instant millionaire. Meanwhile, the 7-Eleven in which Sangathit purchased the million-dollar winning ticket was awarded with a $10,000 bonus, which was 1% of her prize winnings. This was just one incident in Chicago, Illinois’ recent lottery streak.

Before that, we previously wrote about the anonymous owner of a $16 million prize ticket purchased at a Lobby Shop in the Chicago Loop. It happened in 2015, and the Quick Pick lotto ticket’s exact worth was $16,250,000. At the time of our report, the winner had yet to pick up their prize money. The Lobby Shop, which is located on 111 W. Monroe St., was set to receive 1% of the anonymous winner’s earnings, or a $162,250 bonus. If you think that’s impressive, keep reading to learn about the largest win in Illinois history.

It was surreal, it was an out of body experience when I saw all those numbers that matched,” said Patricia Busking who recently collected the $393 million Mega Millions jackpot. It was the one and only ticket sold in Illinois that matched all of the numbers drawn that night. It was also the largest prize in all of Illinois’ lottery history. Busking explains further that she only played the lottery when the winnings were big, so she was probably prompted to enter when the cash prize was set at $382 million – the sixth largest prize amount in the game’s history. She bought the ticket at Nick’s Barbecue in Palos Heights, an area that’s just 30 minutes outside of Chicago, Illinois. Patricia Busking is actually the fourth Mega Millions jackpot winner in 2017.

The Mega Millions lottery has a long history of large jackpots. Just last month, the lottery’s jackpot swelled to $512 million or– the fifth largest prize in Mega Millions’ 16 years of existence. That amount though is just more than a hundred million dollars shy of what Lottoland reports was the largest previously recorded jackpot in Mega Millions history– $656 million. That money went to three different winners, one of which was a couple from Illinois.

Retirees Patricia and Mel Butler spent just $3 to buy the Quick Pick lottery ticket that got them the jackpot. Mercury News reveals that they only took home a lump sum of $111 million after taxes, and that the couple reportedly put the money into an investment strategy. There could possibly be a vacation in there,” elaborated Mel Butler on their jackpot win.

Who knows who Illinois’ next instant millionaire will be? As one of Chicago’s latest millionaires says, “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and play again.”