Your Guide to Boystown: Vibrant, Inviting Community

Your Guide to Boystown: Vibrant, Inviting Community

In a neighborhood full of activity, there lies a community named Boystown.
Despite the name, it is most definitely not just for men, but rather an inviting community for all. It is home to one of the biggest LGBT communities in the country and is where the Chicago Pride Parade hits the streets every summer.
You can hop on the Brown or Red Line, jump on a bus, or take a drive up Lake Shore Drive to check out this neighborhood near the lake. Here are just five of the places this vibrant community has to offer.

Bobtail Ice Cream Company
2951 N. Broadway Ave.
Although Chicago winter is coming soon, it hasn’t hit yet and there is plenty of time to go out and grab a cone from this company.  Especially if you get late-night cravings, this store is open until 11 p.m. every night, midnight on weekends. With flavors like Lakeview Barhopper, which is chocolate ice cream and Jack Daniel’s, and homemade cookie-dough flavor, this place has a flavor for everyone. Whether it be family night or date night, check out this late-night place for ice cream that is worth the calories.

3349 N. Halsted St.
With this crowded bar comes space, shockingly enough. With six big rooms, this place has a courtyard that is enough to check out on its own. With events like debate-watch parties and fall-wine tastings, this place has enough to do on most days. With a drink menu full of specialty drinks, like their take on a Cosmopolitan and a screwdriver, this place will not disappoint. And if specialty drinks aren’t for you, they have the classic Miller Lite and Blue Moon to cater to  anyone’s taste. They also host Cubs games, so head out on any night of the week to check out this staple in Boystown.

The Playground Theater
3209 N. Halsted St.
Being the nation’s only not-for-profit co-op theater, this is a great place for young people who want to perfect the act of improvisation. Because it is entirely experimental, sometimes you may leave the theater a bit disappointed, but other nights you leave with a giant smile across your face. It is incredibly hit-or-miss, but worth it in the end. With shows every night of the week, check out their site to see if anything peaks your interest; the energy this theater brings forth is hard to recreate.

3400 N. Halsted St.
This is a store that is hard to describe. With things from drag, makeup, costumes, accessories and anything else you never knew you needed, this is a perfect store to visit before Halloween parties start up again. Stuffed from floor to ceiling, this is a store you have to dig for things, but if you find something, it was definitely worth the hunt. If you have something specific in mind, the staff is more than willing to hunt it down for you.

Unabridged Bookstore
3251 N. Broadway St.
With books from floor to ceiling, any book worm could spend a good few hours in this place. With hand-written notes from staff recommending books spread throughout the store, this place does not feel like a Barnes and Noble by any means. This store is 35 years old and still kicking. With a diverse selection of books and a huge collection of children’s books, this is a wonderful store to spend the afternoon. Grab a cup of coffee and spend the afternoon sifting through this vast collection of books. It will not disappoint.

By Jessica Lynk