Guide to Avondale: Heart of the Polish Community

Guide to Avondale: Heart of the Polish Community

When talking about cultural neighborhoods in Chicago, it is hard to leave out Avondale. Located on the Northwest side of the city, it’s full of charm. This neighborhood has definitely evolved throughout the years to accommodate young professionals as well as families, so now it has multicultural heritage with an influx of things to do. Here are five places worth noting in the neighborhood. 

Bulldog Bakery

3207 N. Elston Ave. 

With a great selection of pastries, this place is a Chicago must. With home-style pastries, breads, cakes, muffins, biscuits, wedding cakes, sugar-free sweets, gluten-free sweets and vegan treats, this place has something for everyone’s taste. They do a ton of made-to-order treats, so this is the perfect place to try for your next party. Or if you are in the neighborhood, stop by the storefront to see what the bakery has to offer. They typically are open from 8 – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Saint Hyacinth Basilica

3640 W. Wolfram St. 

This church was built in 1917, which is enough to bring out any history buff. The historic church is an example of the “Polish Cathedral style,” which is grand. It is a monumental church in the city and is visible from the Kennedy Expressway, but up close it is even more impressive. The church’s architecture is quite ornate and offers a lot for the eye. Its first mass was not until 1921, due to construction difficulties. This was the same year the stained-glass windows were built. The top of the church features a dome that has a gigantic mural covering 3,000 square feet. This alone is enough to give someone a reason to head out. But it is most famous for the bronze doors that welcome visitors in. They are truly impressive.

Kurowski’s Sausage

2976 N. Milwaukee Ave. 

If you are looking for a large selection of sausage, then look no further. Kurowski’s is a wonderful market to visit, especially around the holidays. If someone is looking for something different to bring to a family gathering, this place is worth checking out. In addition to fresh meats and cuts, they also have premade meals, for those who can’t even handle a spoon. They are open Monday to Sunday from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., so it is hard not to find a time to stop by and check out the selection.

Podlasie Club

2918 N. Central Park Ave

If you want to experience where the community started, this bar is a perfect place to go. As an old-school Polish bar, the crowds here tend to be a bit older. But they know how to dance. There is always a synthesized polka band on Saturdays nights, making the place an enjoyable one. Polish beer and polka music make for the perfect combination on the weekends. Although this bar may be a bit out of the comfort zone, it is definitely worth the fun.

Endy’s Deli

3055 N. Milwaukee Ave. 

If you are looking for a new lunch place, this might be the one. With sandwiches, deli meats, cheese, soup and even Polish hot plates, this deli is one to try. And probably multiple times, with all the selections they have. The pierogis come recommended by a lot of people, as they are truly authentic. The staff is incredibly friendly as well, and the food is cheap, making this a place that is hard not to check out. You will not leave disappointed.

 By  Jessica Lynk