A Guide to Irving Park: A Community Filled with Heritage

A Guide to Irving Park: A Community Filled with Heritage

With architecture that predates the Great Chicago Fire, this neighborhood is filled with tradition and historic places. 

On top of the beautiful architecture is a neighborhood full of life, filled with restaurants and homes that give any outsider a wonderful experience.  

Here are the highlights of Irving Park. 

Windy City Playhouse

3014 W. Irving Park Rd. 

The Windy City Playhouse is a professional nonprofit theater where you can “decompress with art.” As a theater, this space wants to create a place for you to come and hang out, beyond the show. This theater is one where you can feel the energy of those who perform. With plenty of space, including an area where you can order snacks and drinks, this theater does not disappoint.  Windy City offers three shows next year. Check out the shows on their website and see which one interests you.


4156 N. Kedzie Ave. 

Good Thai food can be hard to come by. But this place has some of the best. As one of the most popular restaurants in Irving Park, it does not disappoint. Featuring a wonderful balance of elegance and modern feel on the inside, it will transport you to the culinary delights of Thailand.

Horner Park 

2741 W. Montrose Ave. 

With 55 acres, this park plays a very large role in the Irving Park neighborhood. It is one of the largest parks on the North Side and has nine softball fields, three baseball diamonds with night baseball on two diamonds, two football fields, four basketball courts, five tennis courts, a playground and 13 picnic tables. This place has enough to entertain the family for an afternoon alone. It also offers a number of holiday and seasonal events, including music and concerts in the park. Horner Park – which offers enough for every age group – is truly a diamond in the concrete jungle of Chicago.

Irish American Heritage Center

4626 N. Knox Ave. 

The Irish American Heritage Center is a place that is meant to strengthen Irish culture and heritage. It also cultivates understanding of Irish culture. The center does boasts programs that feature Irish music, literature, drama, traditional dancing, fine arts and the contributions of Irish-American people.

Leader Bar Drafthouse and Eatery

3000 W. Irving Park Rd. 

This place has everything you could need from a neighborhood bar. It is a bar full of great drinks and food, but also a wonderful atmosphere. The place has an amazing atmosphere and plenty of seating. It’s definitely a great place to head out on game day. With great food and drinks, don’t pass it up.

By  Jessica Lynk

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