Mumford and Sons concert causing a local stir

Mumford and Sons concert causing a local stir

The biggest summer show before Lollapalooza is causing some unrest amongst residents. London rock band Mumford and Sons will be playing at Cricket Hill by Montrose Beach on June 17, and 35,000 fans are expected to be in attendance, much to the chagrin of neighbors. Several residents of the Uptown area met with Alderman James Cappleman (46th) to discuss their concerns about the traffic and safety of the neighborhood before and after the concert.

In 2014, an electronic music show called Wavefront Music Festival was cancelled due to residents complaining that it caused heavy traffic and vibrated their houses. The large crowd planned for next week will be by far the largest concert in recent memory for Montrose Beach.

The city is making extra efforts to ensure public transportation to the concert will be readily available. Chicago Transit Authority has extra buses and trains on hand for the show and the Red Line stop in Uptown will be open. In addition, there will be 5000 parking spots for bicycles as well as a bike valet.

That has not been enough to fully sway the residents, even as the concert promoter ensured the concert will by over at 10 p.m. and cleanup will begin immediately. The promoter, JAM Productions, also made it a point to emphasize Mumford and Sons, which combines a folk rock and indie rock sound, is by no means “loud” or “obnoxious.” The audiences tend to follow that same pattern of behavior.

Montrose Beach’s future role in major concerts in the city will depend on how they handle traffic next Wednesday. The current plan is to open the gates at 3 p.m., even though traffic employees will not start working until 4 p.m. The concert begins with the opening act at 6 p.m.


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