City of Chicago Attempts to Sell Remaining Dominick’s

City of Chicago Attempts to Sell Remaining Dominick’s

City of Chicago Attempts to Sell Remaining Dominick’s

It’s been nearly four years now since the last Dominick’s closed its doors.  What once was a popular grocery store chain became a thing of the past when they announced in 2013 that all locations would be closing its doors.  Here we are in 2017 and almost all city locations have been repurposed into a multitude of different grocery stores – from Whole Foods to Mariano’s.

One city location, however, is having trouble finding its new purpose.  The Community Development Commission (CDC) is acquiring the former Dominick’s at 2101 E.71st Street for the second time in three years.

In 2014 the CDC along with the city of Chicago put the location up for bid, only to come back with no interested buyers.  In 2015 a potential buyer attempted to transform the shopping center into a fitness club, but this week the CDC voted to start the bidding process over again, claiming that actions weren’t moving fast enough.

Ald. Leslie Hairston of the 5th ward has been putting the heat on Mayor Rahm Emanuel to use his connections to get local grocers involved and make a positive change for the area.

Since Dominick’s has been closed, it has forced area residents to seek other grocers, and many aren’t nearby.  The vacant area attracts crime and suspicious activity, which may be one reason it’s difficult to find an investor.  However, the longer the property sits, the more problems may arise.    

The boarded-up grocer is part of the Jeffrey Plaza property, which consists of one million square feet of commercial space, 52 percent of which remains vacant.  A growing crime rate in the community is not good news, and unless the city acquires the existing property and finds a potential buyer, the area might not be able to turn it around on its own.

Although almost all of the 76 Dominick’s closed in the city and surrounding suburbs have been repurposed, this city location and as many as 12 locations in the suburbs remain closed.  As of the end of last year, 15 suburban locations remained closed, but there are three ALDI’s set to open where Dominick’s once stood this August.  A location in the suburb of Lake in Hills is set to go to auction within a month or two.