Vinyl Wraps: Taking the Automotive Market by Storm

Vinyl Wraps: Taking the Automotive Market by Storm

When you think about vinyl wraps, the first thing that comes to mind might not be quality or creativity, but that’s exactly what the industry is shaping up to be.  There have been plenty of examples of cheesy-generic or poorly-done vinyl wraps on vehicles out there, but CEO of Graphic Alliance Eric Grossman wants you to know the industry is so much more than that.

Graphic Alliance is a premiere marketing agency that tackles marketing elements from graphic design to large-format banners and window graphics.  Elite Fleet Vinyl is the part of the company that specializes and excels in premiere vinyl car wrapping.  As the name would suggest, Elite Fleet provides vinyl wraps for lots of company vehicles and vehicles used to promote and advertise for local businesses.  Some of those company designs include Five Star Heating and Air, Stan’s Donuts and Urban Belly.

“It’s hard to wow people these days, but our custom vinyl wraps continue to wow people,” Grossman said in a phone interview.

And that’s just the thing.  With so many ways to customize your vinyl wrap, the sky really is the limit when it comes to your vehicle’s creativity.  Creating a custom wrap allows you as a vehicle owner to make your car truly your own.   You can create custom wraps both partial and full to express yourself through your vehicle.  There are new designs and materials being used everyday to make that happen! One of the newest trends is the velvet wrap or carbon-fiber wrap.  The carbon fiber wrap gives vehicles a sleek look that costs less than the price of painting your whole car, protects your existing paint from damage and extends the original paint job’s lifetime.

If you’re worried a vinyl wrap will ruin your car’s paint job when it’s time to remove it, don’t be.  “I change my car’s wrap once a month,” Grossman said. “It’s like tattoos.  It’s addicting.”

Addicting indeed.  The ability to transform your car and the way you feel driving your car can change with adding a little vinyl wrap to your vehicle.  The cost of each wrap will vary depending on design, vehicle, material and level of difficulty of wrap.  An average partial wrap, which could be mirrors, spoiler, hood, roof, trim and so forth, ranges in price from $500 – $1,500.  A full wrap with color change (using standard material – specialty material) ranges from $2,500 – $3,500.  You can customize and create your own vehicle wrap using unique materials and design! Wraps are guaranteed to last for three years, but are expected to last five years or more.

Only leasing your vehicle? There are no restrictions against wrapping a leased vehicle when it can be easily removed before you return it.  Wrap installation depending on size and detail can be completed in one to seven days.

You can see plenty of Graphic Alliance’s custom work around, including on the walls, windows and menu boards in Roti Modern Mediterranean restaurants, as well as fleet cars for Stan’s Donuts driving around town. Their team is always looking to push design borders.  In the words of CEO Grossman, “How far can we push this?”

Special thanks to Eric Grossman, Graphic Alliance and Elite Fleet Vinyl for image.  

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