Around the World Food Tasting Event at Arlington Toyota

Chicagoland automotive dealerships do not only sell cars, they also participate in a number of local causes, helping and enriching their communities. One such dealership is Arlington Toyota in Palatine. One of their most remarkable annual community events is Around the World Food Tasting, a unique event featuring some of the best local restaurants in the area. Every year in October Arlington Toyota partners up with Clearbrook, one of the largest human service agencies and charities in the Chicagoland area, to bring joy and happiness to people with disabilities and their families, and to give back to Clearbrook to support the cause.

Clearbrook | Around the World Food Tasting | Chicago News“It’s 9th year when we hosted the Clearbrook event. We’re giving back to the community, and also giving back to Clearbrook,” says Scott Vicari, vice president of Arlington Toyota. “They have a lot of different families, with different types of disabilities, and for us to be able to open our house and to host them along with other vendors makes us feel a lot better about what we do for the community.”

With more and more recognition coming to the event each year, there are more and more people attending. This year it was approximately 700 people that gathered in the dealership that night.

“It seems that each year we get more and more participation, and that’s what it’s all about – getting out in the community, letting them know what we’re doing, letting Clearbrook get the word out as well, and by the time we do all that we start seeing a growing attendance, which is bringing in additional monies for Clearbrook.”

Every year, there are around 30 vendors participating at the event.

Clearbrook | Around the World Food Tasting | Chicago News

“The vendors are chosen by Clearbrook – they usually pick companies within the local area so they can get repeat business. They’re offering their services for free to host here at Clearbrook, and just like any other business, they’d like people to come back and visit their business. So far it’s been working very well for all of us, actually. We’re involved in other events in the community, and it feels good to give back, to see how they’ve progressed, and to see how many more people they’re getting to attend. All this makes us feel good about offering our services.

Clearbrook | Around the World Food Tasting | Chicago News

“I’m also happy to say that Arlington Toyota is one of the chosen dealers to help to facilitate moving the community vendors to give back to the community, give back to Clearbrook, and to see the joy in the face of all these young adults that have different types of disabilities, to see how happy they are and to see them come here looking forward to the event, which has been happening for a lot of years already, and which makes myself, my brother and my sister, which are the owners of the dealership, happy to be able to give back.”

Clearbrook | Around the World Food Tasting | Chicago News


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