Tony Guido, Arlington Heights Ford: “We’ve got the market that no other manufacturer has at this time.”

Arlington Heights Ford is a family owned and operated dealership that’s been serving the Northwest suburbs since 1984. Offering a great selection of new and pre-owned vehicles, it’s been also rated #1 in customer satisfaction, receiving the prestigious Ford President’s Award for 28 years in a row. Up to this point, Arlington Heights Ford is the ONLY dealership in the nation to have won this award for 28 consecutive years. Chicago News spoke with dealer operator and owner Tony Guido.

“We’re here for almost 40 years now. Because it’s a family-owned store, you don’t have turnover – all the owners work in the store – me, my brother, and my nephew. We all work in the store every day and deal with customers, talk with customers, and we’re at the mindset where customer satisfaction comes first. We have employees that have been with us for over 20 years, some of them have been with us for over 30 years.”

Arlington Heights Ford is also the No. 1 pre-owned dealer in the Northwest suburbs. Having a great selection of vehicles of different brands and models, there are a lot of specials that customers can take advantage of.

“We call them inexpensive cars, or transportation specials. A lot of people need vehicles that can get them from point A to point B. We stand behind every car that we sell – no matter if it’s a $5,000 car or a $55,000 car – you’re our customer, so once you become our customer we always make sure that you’re satisfied and we’ll do everything we can to keep you as our customer.”

In 2018 the Ford model line-up is expected to have some major updates.

“We’re very excited for 2018. We have the all-new Ford Expedition coming out. It’s state of the art right now, and it’s been completely redesigned for 2018, so it’s going to be a completely brand new vehicle for us. We’ve got the market that no other manufacturer has at this time, and we’re excited for the 2018 models that start rolling in. It’s exciting to be a Ford dealer right now!”

There are also several holiday specials going on at Arlington Heights Ford through the end of December.

“30% OFF new Fords, 0% for 72 months and a $1,000 rebate on almost all our selections of new vehicles, as well as our clearance sale for the 2017’s, to make room for the 2018’s.”

“We also have a lot of specials going on for service – we donate dollars for bringing your car for a free oil change, certificates, discount coupons, free tire rotation, and free brake inspection. A lot of things are going on in December because a lot of people are getting their cars ready for the winter time.

“We’d like to wish you a healthy Christmas. For any of your automotive needs, please stop by Arlington Heights Ford and ask for one of the owners. One of us is always here to help you out with whatever you need!”

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