TOP 10 things to do in Chicago this weekend

TOP 10 things to do in Chicago this weekend


When: ends January 27, 2019

Where: Steppenwolf Theatre Company

To the U.S.-owned factories in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, La Ruta is just a bus. But to the hundreds of women who live, work and often disappear along the route, it’s so much more than that. Inspired by real testimonies, and using live music to evoke factory work and protest marches, La Ruta is a visceral unearthing of secrets buried in the desert and a celebration of the Mexican women who stand resiliently in the wake of loss.


When: ends April 30, 2019

Where: American Writers Museum

Bob Dylan: Electric spotlights Dylan’s writing – song, poetry, and prose – between his 1965 Newport Folk Festival performance and 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature. Items on display include Bob Dylan’s personal copy of Catcher in the Rye and an original 1965 Newport Folk Festival program autographed by Dylan. The exhibit’s keystone piece is the electric guitar Bob Dylan played at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival.


When: ends February 17, 2019

Where: Spertus, A Center for Jewish Learning and Culture

Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership proudly presents Todros Geller: Strange Worlds, an exhibition showcasing the multifaceted oeuvre of Todros Geller, an influential Chicago artist who was central to the history of modern American Jewish art. This retrospective will be mounted in Spertus’ Ground Level Arts Lab starting September 6, 2018, continuing through February 17, 2019.


When: ends May 31, 2019

Where: American Writers Museum

“Agitate! Agitate! Agitate!” is a quote from activist Frederick Douglass who was one of the greatest public speakers in American history, so it’s only fitting that the new exhibit in his honor at the American Writers Museum (AWM) is entitled Frederick Douglass AGITATOR. Frederick Douglass escaped from slavery to become one of the most eloquent voices of abolitionism and his words remain a touchstone for anyone fighting inequality or pushing America to fulfill its promise of ensuring equality for all.


When: ends January 13, 2019

Where: Oriental Theatre

The Greek gods are real, and they’re ruining Percy Jackson’s life. As a son of Poseidon, Percy has newly discovered powers he can’t control, monsters on his trail, and is on an epic quest to find Zeus’s lightning bolt to prevent a war between the gods. Nominated for 3 Drama Desk Awards including Best Musical, THE LIGHTNING THIEF is “mesmerizing” and proves “lightning can strike twice!” (TheaterMania).


When: ends March 3, 2019

Where: Chicago Cultural Center

Featuring work from a wide range of practices including cartooning, sign painting, architectural signage, illustration, graphic design, exhibit design and product design, this exhibition is the first to demonstrate how African American designers remade the image of the black consumer and the work of the black artist in this major hub of American advertising/consumer culture.


When: recurring weekly on Fridays

Where: The Den Theatre

Experience a miraculous world of magic, mind reading, and hypnosis from world class ‘Astonishment Artist’ Mat LaVore.

Is it possible to change someone’s memories? Read minds? Predict the future? Magic & Mystery showcases 90 minutes of the most spellbinding and revolutionary magic and hypnosis ever performed on stage.


When: ends July 14, 2019

Where: Steppenwolf Theatre Company

India 1648. The dawn will reveal for the first time the extraordinary beauty of the Taj Mahal, built as a tribute to the ruler who demanded its construction. But for two hapless imperial guards, the morning light brings with it an unspeakable task that will shake their faith in God, the empire and their lifelong friendship.