Virtue Cider helps make winter bearable

Virtue Cider helps make winter bearable

When it’s cold outside and you’re in the middle of a long Chicago winter, stepping inside a warm corner pub and sipping a cider is one way to make it all just a little more manageable. When that cider is one of Virtue Cider’s Mitten series, it’s even better. Brewed specially each year inside used bourbon barrels, the complex notes of charred oak and sweet spirits kisses the cider with another note of complexity.

Founded in 2011 in Fennville, MI, Virtue is headed by a former Goose Island brewmaster, Gregory Hall. Bringing the best of both first and second use bourbon barrels to the cider making world, Hall is applying what he learned through years of bourbon barrel aged beers.

Mitten for 2019 comes in three flavors – standard, cherry and maple. Each has a different character, with the cherry bringing some tartness and maple bringing some caramel and sweetness. No matter which you choose, it will make your winter day a little bit better.

For the release in December, Virtue also paired up with Sarah’s Circle to help provide warm coats for those in need. So in addition to making people feel warm inside, Virtue is working to actually make people warm as well.

Made with 100% local Michigan apples, the small brewery is keeping everything local. Craft beer has exploded in recent decades, but craft cider is a bit harder to find. In Chicago, we’re lucky to have someone so close who is putting this much care into their craft. So find out who has it on draft, belly up to the bar, and sip one of the high points of a Chicago winter.

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