No Meat? No Problem. Five Vegan Restaurants  to Eat at in the City

No Meat? No Problem. Five Vegan Restaurants to Eat at in the City

Being a vegan can be a taboo subject for a lot of people, causing strife in relationships. But in a huge city full of vegan options, it isn’t hard to find a quality vegan restaurant that everyone can enjoy. Here are five vegan restaurants to check out around the city. 

Chicago Raw

131 N. Clinton St. 

With options from an Acai bowl to an empanada platter, Chicago Raw is a great place to get a variety of options for everyone. All of their meals are 100 percent plant based and uncooked. They also offer an option for a weekly takeaway program, where they give customers the food for a week with a customizable plan. This is all to encourage Chicagoans to shape their diet around eating plant based.

Delicious Café

3827 N. Lincoln Ave. 

Most people hesitate to go vegan because, quite frankly, the options don’t taste as good. But this café is flipping that stereotype upside down. With a ton of pastry and dessert options, this place is a great restaurant to stop by quickly for lunch. They also offer a variety of food options, whether it be sandwiches or even vegan ribs. This is a wonderful place to expand your vegan horizons in a way that taste familiar.

Original Soul Vegetarian

203 E. 75th St. 

With a menu ranging from Mediterranean to Southern-comfort food, this restaurant offers a variety to restaurant attendees. Their slogan is “food as medicine.” They also capitalize on the fact that they are able to attract non-vegetarians because of their menu. With items like nachos to soy ice cream, their menu offers a variety that is hard to compete with. The restaurant also offers online ordering, which makes the convenience of vegan food that much easier.

The Chicago Diner

3411 N. Halsted St. & 

2333 N. Milwaukee Ave.

“Meat free since ‘83” boasts this Chicago native. With entrée items from country-fried steak to gyros, this restaurant does not skimp of creativity. The Chicago Diner has an extremely vast menu, which would definitely be a great place to bring a new vegan or a skeptic. The restaurant also offers delivery service which is great for those who like to eat in the comfort of their own home.

Native Foods Café

218 S. Clark St. 

With a “Californian” style menu and a counter that you walk up to order, this is a great place to zip in and out for lunch. 100 percent of the menu is plant based, but they create menu items that mock other meats like burgers and chicken. The entire menu is made with no meat, dairy or eggs, which can deter some. But just looking at the menu is enough to invite anyone in, even if they love meat. This is definitely a must check out, as there is something on the menu for everyone.

Whether you are a long-time vegan or just made the commitment yesterday, these are great places to check out to eat.

 By Jessica Lynk