Chicago Named Best Restaurant City of 2017

Chicago Named Best Restaurant City of 2017

Chicago Named Best Restaurant City of 2017

It comes as no surprise to me that Chicago was just named the best restaurant city of 2017 by Bon Appetit. Chicago has always held it’s own, even against the big(ger) cities like L.A. and New York. Even the trendy cities like San Francisco and Portland. Always seemingly one step above the trend, Chicago combines incredible taste, style and passion to their restaurants.

Bon Appetit names four of Chicago’s restaurants on their list of “Best New Restaurants 2017” and praises the redirection and menu additions to older favorites. On the list of “Best New Restaurants” are Elske, Smyth and The Loyalist, Mi Tocaya Antojeria and Giant.

Suburban Hanbun got a shout out for their unusual location at The International Mall in Westmont. Among the mall food court offerings, Hanbun stands alone with their lunchtime bibimbap and nighttime a seven-course menu tastings.

Another mention comes from another Logan Square favorite, Fat Rice. The restaurant has recently opened The Bakery at Fat Rice, which serves baked goods, and pastries including a new take on the Chicago hotdog with Portuguese-style sweet dough and drizzled with Chinese hot mustard.

Cellar Door Provisions also gets great reviews and is hailed as a Chicago favorite, but they get a shout out this year for their recent renovations and their ability to keep things so chill.

1350 W Randolph St
Chicago, IL
(312) 733-1314

Smyth and The Loyalist
177 N Ada St #001
Chicago, IL
(773) 913-3774

Mi Tocaya Antojeria
2800 W Logan Blvd
Chicago, IL
(872) 315-3947

3209 W Armitage Ave
Chicago, IL
(773) 252-0997

665 Pasquinelli Dr #108
Westmont, IL
(630) 948-3383

The Bakery at Fat Rice
2951 2951 W Diversey Ave
Chicago, IL
(773) 661-9544

Cellar Door Provisions
3025 W Diversey Ave
Chicago, IL
(773) 697-8337