World’s most and least expensive cities

World’s most and least expensive cities

In 2018, there is a growing number of people relocating for job opportunities and school studies abroad. This growth is attributed to the digital age and cheaper international travel, experts say. Many, however, may equate this cheaper travel with cheaper living expenses.

The cost of relocating can be different than many would expect and involves a variety of factors, varying greatly depending on city. Nestpick, a search engine for furnished apartments, released a study focusing on the first month’s cost of living that comes with relocating to 80 different cities around the world. The cities were narrowed down from a large list of popular destinations for work and school. The study calculated the cost of moving to each place examining factors such as visa fees and visa processing time. It also examined cost of living expenses including rent prices, internet cost, food and drink expenses, as well as public transportation costs.  Based on this, Nestpick created a list of the top 10 most expensive and top 10 least expensive cities to relocate to.   

Among the top 10 most expensive cities to relocate to are Dubai, Auckland, San Francisco, New York, London, Sydney, Oslo, Zurich, Tel Aviv, and Amsterdam.

The cost of a visa in Dubai is over 2000 dollars and combined with food, transportation, and rent the cost of relocating in nearly 4300 dollars. Those relocating to San Francisco should be prepared to spend nearly 1100 dollars on food and drink costs alone and 2300 in rent. In addition to the expenses that come with relocation to these cities, it is also important to factor in the time it takes to process a visa. Auckland requires the most time with a 381 day period.

Among the top 10 least expensive cities to relocate are Kuala Lumpur, Medellin, Prague, Sofia, Mexico City, Riga, Budapest, Bucharest, Bangalore, and Cairo. Rent in Kuala Lumpur averages around 375 dollars and the cost of a visa is just shy 140 dollars. In Cairo, the cheapest city to relocate to, the total cost comes down to $658.80. The visa processing time, however, is 153 days. The rent in many of the ‘cheaper’ cities is less than 400 dollars, with Bangalore averaging only 160 dollars a month.

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