Q & A with Sanjit Dang, Investment Director at Intel Capital

Covering Collision Conference in New Orleans, Chicago News had a chance to chat with several experts involved in tech and investment industries. One of them is Sanjit Dang, Investment Director at Intel Capital. Being part of one of the most active venture capital firms in the world, Sanjit shared his opinion and expertise on the modern tech sector and its future

CN: As an investor, what makes you decide to invest in a company?

SD: Inter Capital, as you know, is one of the most prolific venture capital funds in the world. We invest roughly $500 million dollars every year in startups globally. In general, we are stage agnostic, but I would say we mostly center around stages A and B. Our goal is to look for founders who want to change the world and make an impact using their startups and have already gotten some product market fit because then we can help them grow from there by bringing them more customers, more partners, and hence we share and help them succeed and we also succeed as part of that story.

CN: What areas do you primarily invest in?

SD: We are investing in a variety of areas – artificial intelligence, transportation, internet of things, you name it. We’re pretty prolific across several sectors.

CN: In your opinion, what is the hottest industry to invest in right now, and why?

SD: The hottest industry to invest in right now is transportation, in my humble opinion. I think that’s a sector that has not gone through a transformation for decades, but now is the time that it is going through that. You can look at Tesla, you can look at Uber, what is happening in transportation as a sector, not just self-driving cars but a whole data economy that is coming up. That is really exciting to us and I think now is the time to do that change because consumers want a much better experience during their transportation ride, and the carmakers are saying ‘I want a more digital experience’, ‘I want to provide a more digital experience for consumers as well’, so we’re looking forward to some exciting transportation companies here.

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