2018 best and worst states for summer road trips

2018 best and worst states for summer road trips

By Marisa Barnett

Nothing says Summer like grabbing your friends and hitting the open road. Unfortunately, there’s more that goes into a road trip than just a good playlist. Gas prices, accommodations, activities, and dining are just a few things to look into.  With so many options and so many factors to consider, it can be difficult to decide on a destination.

WalletHub compared the 50 U.S. states based on 31 different metrics to determine the best road-trip destinations for you and your budget. The study ranked the states based on a total points score across the dimensions of costs, safety, and activities. WalletHub also ranked individual factors including gas prices, price of camping, car thefts per capita, and total number of scenic byways.

If you’re trying to keep things wallet-friendly, gas prices are important to consider when planning your trip. Among the states with the lowest gas prices were Missouri, South Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi with the lowest prices. States with the highest gas prices included Hawaii, California, and Washington.

If you’re planning on camping, states with the lowest price of camping were Wyoming at number 1 followed by Georgia, Alabama, New Hampshire, and Arkansas. Among the highest prices of camping were Connecticut, Texas, and New Mexico. New Hampshire is also among the fewest car thefts per capita along with Maine, Vermont, New York, and Pennsylvania if safety is your main concern.

For those looking for a more scenic ride, California may be your destination ranking at number 1. Other scenic routes include North Carolina, Oregon, Utah, and Idaho.

Wyoming ranked number 1 overall on the WalletHub list of road-trip destination. It was number one in cost, 19 in safety rank, and 22 in activities rank. Following at number 2 is North Carolina with number 11 in cost, 28 in safety rank, and 7 in activities rank. Other states among the top 5 include Minnesota, Texas, and Florida.

Rhode island ranked number 50 overall on the WalletHub list deeming it the worst road-trip destination. It was number 48 in cost, 16 in safety rank, and 49 in activities rank. Connecticut is number 49 on the list with number 46 in cost, 26 in safety rank, and 42 in activities rank. Delaware, Hawaii, and New Mexico sit among the other worst 5 destinations.

Illinois ranked at number 13 overall out of 50 states. To see how the states you want to travel to measure up, visit our website at for the full list. 

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