Rogers Park gripped by fear over apparently random murders

Rogers Park gripped by fear over apparently random murders

Chicago, IL – Local law enforcement and community leaders held a public meeting Wednesday night at the Loyola Park Field House to update the public on the ongoing investigation, encourage people to come forward and to outline the police response to the killings. The murders occurred in Rogers Park, Sunday, September 30th at 11:15AM, and Monday, October 1st at 10:10PM. Both victims, Douglass Watts, 73, and Eliyahu Moscowitz, 24, were approached from behind and shot in the back of the head while Police believe they were distracted. As of this time, no apparent connection has been discovered between the victims and no motives have been established.

During Wednesday night’s meeting, CPD second in command, First Deputy Superintendent Anthony Riccio made a statement as well as others that are leading the investigation. It was announced that a nearly unprecedented 40 detectives were working around the clock on the investigation while coordinating with the FBI and ATF. In addition, a massive police presence will remain in the area until the suspect is apprehended. Standard patrols, unmarked units and even covert officers blanket the neighborhood looking for the suspect, a male standing approximately 5’10” to 6’0”. The suspect was caught on several cameras both before and after Sunday’s shooting, but is wearing a hat, mask, and hood making it difficult to identify him. Police noted that he had a unique gait and walked with his toes pointed outward, and has a slim build.

CPD encourages anyone who might recognize the man in the video, saw anything around the times of the shootings or has surveillance video of the perpetrator to call 312-744-8200 or submit an anonymous tip online at They asked anyone in the area to review any video they may have captured around the time of the shootings.

Police were cautious to share details of the ongoing investigation, but vowed to keep the public updated as much as possible. Residents at times expressed frustration at the police during the meeting, but officials urged people to work together to try to find the perpetrator. “We believe the individual lives in this community,” Riccio said. “Somebody in this room probably knows who he is. He walks to the bus stop, walks to the store. He doesn’t live under a rock.”

Alderman Joe Moore of the 49th Ward attended the meeting as well and praised residents for working together to stay safe. Reports of groups connecting on Facebook to partner up when going outside. Police also urged residents not to be distracted when out and about, keep an eye on their surroundings and to quickly leave the area if anything looks suspicious. They also recommended walking in pairs at the very least.

This is an open investigation, and a developing story, so we will update if new information becomes available. A link to the surveillance footage is below.