Chatham Mother, 3 Kids Murder Mystery

Chatham Mother, 3 Kids Murder Mystery

Chatham Mother, 3 Kids Murder Mystery

Police discovered the decomposing bodies of 28-year-old LaToya Jackson and her three sons at their one-story home in the Chatham neighborhood of Chicago. The bodies were found just before 8:30 p.m. Saturday night. Authorities reported that the family had been dead for several days.

Neighbors alerted police when they noticed a bad smell coming from the house. Family members and friends of Jackson said that they had not heard from her for a while, but that that was not unusual as Jackson was a “private” person. One friend said that few people even knew that Jackson and her sons lived in the house.

The stench from the house was still permeating the air hours after the bodies were removed as people gathered at the scene. Stuffed animals, balloons, candles and signs adorned the sidewalk in front of the South Drexel house as friends and family paid their respects to Jackson and her sons.

Jackson’s family has been told that the deaths are being ruled murder. They said Jackson had been going through hard times and had been in an abusive relationship and several family members believed her death to be a result of said relationship. Jackson, for reasons unbeknownst to those close to her, had recently moved her family to the house on the 8300 block of South Drexel from her previous home on Cregier Avenue.

The boys—Andrew, 11, Cameron, 9 and Cantrell, 5—attended Caldwell Elementary Academy. According to neighbors, they would often be seen playing sports and wrestling on the front lawn or barbecuing with their mother.

Jackson appeared to have suffered head trauma. An investigator said that burns were found on the body, but they were unsure of whether they happened before or after death. The inside of the kitchen and backdoor showed fire damage but the outside of the house showed nothing. Neighbors said that they never noticed any signs of smoke or commotion coming from the house. Autopsies were performed Monday to determine cause of death, but results were inconclusive and required further tests. 

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