Streets blocked in Evanston as woman threatens suicide

Streets blocked in Evanston as woman threatens suicide

Earlier today, a woman on top of a garage roof in Evanston was threatening to commit suicide before Evanston police and Crises Intervention Techniques (CIT) officers were able to deescalate the situation. During the incident, several streets around the Sherman Plaza complex in Evanston were closed by the police in the attempt to call the woman down.

Evanston authorities were first summoned to the scene when the Glenview police agency called out of safety concerns, according to Commander Ryan Glew of the Evanston Police.

“We were out there for about two hours,” said Commander Glew as he told Chicago News about their involvement in resolving the situation. In addition to the police, CIT officers, and negotiators at the site, the woman’s husband and several family members were present.

The woman was taken to Skokie Hospital after authorities were able to call her down. Commander Glew also shared that the police now know that the woman had been on medical care before the event. As for the official reasoning behind the woman’s climb to a garage roof, the police say it is too early to tell.

“We’re very happy this came to a positive resolution. Our CIT officers and negotiators were instrumental to bringing that about. We’re very happy that this was the end result, that nobody was hurt, no injuries,” said Commander Glew.

The area of Evanston has been particularly noted for its amount of suicides. Over the last few years, at least three people have jumped to their deaths from garage roofs in the area. And according to Evanston Now, Alderman Judy Fiske has been trying to push for the installation of suicide nets since 2013, however, the project didn’t move forward due to lack of funding.

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