Epic Snowstorm Hits the East Coast, D.C.

Epic Snowstorm Hits the East Coast, D.C.

A snowstorm of epic proportions hit areas in Washington and Baltimore Friday afternoon. This is going to be the biggest snowstorm in the longest time and millions are in its path. The East coast is preparing for the worst – first the snowfall, then the ice, and then possible power cuts. By Saturday night, the snow is supposed to cover cities in a carpet of 2.5 feet.

Started off in the South and Mid-Atlantic, the snowstorm started traveling up north. In its path lie the fates of nearly 85 million residents, out of which 30 million have been issued severe blizzard warnings. Most airports have shut down completely, nearly 7,000 flights have been cancelled all across United States and more than 120,000 have already lost access to power.

People have been advised to stay indoors, move to sheltered homes and not venture out in the snow and cold.

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The National Weather Service has extended the blizzard watch to Philadelphia, New York, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey too bringing in more 10 million people under the advisory. The mid-Atlantic region is going to experience monstrous winds too reaching almost 65 mph at times.

The southern regions are not out of danger too. Freezing rain, sleet and snow are reported in Oklahoma and Tennessee too. Florida might experience severe thunderstorms. And areas in Kentucky and West Virginia might experience a snow carpet of at least 3 feet.