Chi-Talk: Medical Marijuana in Illinois

Chi-Talk: Medical Marijuana in Illinois

Medical Marijuana is growing into a large industry. Many people are turning to medical marijuana to aid with their illnesses and conditions. Those who suffer from chronic pain have access to medical marijuana in Illinois. In this week’s street interview series “Chi-Talk,” we ask people if they believe chronic pain sufferers should be given access to this form of treatment and whether marijuana should be legalized recreationally or stay strictly medicinal in Illinois. 

Q: Should chronic pain sufferers have access to medical marijuana in Illinois? 

A: I think if it benefits someone who actually needs it and it keeps them sane, then yes it should be available.

A: I feel like it would help lower opioid usage because marijuana is less addictive and less harmful to your body so I think that that change would be beneficial.

Q: Do you think marijuana should just be available medicinally or do you believe it should be legalized for recreational use?

A: People who smoke marijuana recreationally just stay home, eat a Twinkie, and watch a film. They aren’t doing harm to anyone.

A: I’m for abiding the law, if it is illegal I’m not going to do it. If it is legal, not that I do it,

but I don’t see a problem with it. It’s about doing it responsibly as is the same with alcohol.

A: Theoretically legalized recreational marijuana may actually decrease its usage because once something is legal it’s just another thing to have; you’re not just running from something. It becomes less exciting.