Ten-millionth Ford Mustang  celebrated at Flat Rock Plant

Ten-millionth Ford Mustang celebrated at Flat Rock Plant

In a large celebration of the iconic nameplate, Ford held a small gathering to honor the occasion. About 60 owners of all years of Mustang represented the wide 54-year history of the model. A P-51 Mustang fittingly graced the event with a flyover, and the 10-millionth Mustang, a Wimbledon White 2019 GT convertible with 460HP celebrated the very first Mustang which shared the same color and body configuration, albeit with a somewhat less exciting 164HP. Employees took part in the celebration, which honored their contribution to the enduring icon.

“Mustang  is  the  heart  and  soul  of  this  company and a  favorite  around  the  world,”  said  Jim  Farley,  president of  global  markets,  Ford  Motor  Company.  “I get  the  same  thrill seeing  a  Mustang  roll  down  a  street  in  Detroit,  London  or Beijing  that  I  felt  when  I  bought  my  first  car  – a  1966  Mustang  coupe that I  drove  across  the  country  as  a  teenager. Mustang  is a  smile-maker  in  any  language.”

John Hennessy, owner of River View Ford in Oswego, IL added, “Mustang evokes an emotional response in people that other vehicles don’t. Seeing the excitement in someone’s face when they get behind the wheel for the first time or reminisce about their first time in a Pony car – that’s the fun part. For a Mustang owner, it’s not about price or trade-in value, it’s about getting behind the wheel and becoming a different person.”

Ford also proved their commitment to the Mustang in the future by releasing plans earlier this year to produce a hybrid drivetrain version by 2020. With the announcement that Ford is dropping all but the Mustang and a single Focus model from their car lineup, you can rest assured that the Mustang is here to stay. Here’s to another half-century of Pony-Car performance from the car that started it all.

Man racks up almost $50,000 in speeding fines in less than four

If you’ve ever been in the unfortunate position to get several tickets in one day, it can feel like a real financial burden. But a 25-year old British tourist managed to possibly set the record for speeding penalties in his rented Lamborghini Huracan. On July 31st, he was caught driving between 78 and 143 mph on two stretches of road — 32 times on Sheikh Zayed Road and once on Garn Al Sabkha Road. The infractions were picked up by Dubai’s network of speed cameras, and the fines were forwarded to the company that he rented the Lamborghini from.

As part of the agreement to rent the car, he left his passport with the rental company, who maintains he is still in possession of the car. There’s a dispute over who is to pay for the fines, and the car has now been impounded. To make matters worse, the rental agency has issued a stop-travel order and contacted the British Embassy to notify them in case he claims he lost his passport. One way or another, someone is going to be paying the new $47,000 in speeding fines and impound costs. At the time of this writing, we still have no idea who that will be!

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