A Smart LED Brake Light  for Motorcycle Riders

A Smart LED Brake Light for Motorcycle Riders

Every once in a while a product comes out that when you see it you wonder why no one had thought of this earlier, or even why didn’t you think about it. In this case you think that because this is a product that can and will save lives! Brake Free is an extremely bright smart LED brake light that instantly improves a motorcycle’s visibility, and the best part is that it mounts on the back of any helmet you already own and its sensors work automatically to let others know whenever you slow down, whether braking, engine braking, or downshifting. No wires or connections of any kind. The way Brake Free works is that it utilizes accelerometer and gyroscope sensors to detect when you’re slowing down regardless if it is due to braking, engine braking, or downshifting. When it does detect that you are braking, its LEDs glow brighter, letting drivers around you know instantly. Brake Free is able to detect three different types of braking and will respond accordingly. Regular Braking, as when you are engaging front or rear brakes; Engine Braking, just slowing down without using your brakes; and emergency braking, which triggers a special light pattern.

Their Indiegogo campaign has taken off and they are close to 225% of their goal! I guess I am not the only one who believes this is a truly-worthy product!