2017 Infiniti Q60 3.0T AWD: Another Proper Sports Coupe?

There’s nothing worse than checking out the latest coupe from a car manufacturer, only to find out that it’s a sedan with two doors lopped off. Sure, it’s a great way for car manufacturers to save money on production, but buyers looking for coupes are looking for something different. It’s rare today for manufacturers to actually give us anything different, but the Q60 manages to be something we like quite a lot – a proper sports coupe!

For years, Infiniti produced the G35 and G37, which were both very popular in their own right. Combining sleek looks with smooth V6 power, they were also a popular choice with enthusiasts. In the end, Infiniti set the stage for the Q60, as their loyal customers come to expect a sporty two-door option. This newest iteration is the best one yet, with turbo power on the 3.0 V6 putting out 300hp in base form, on up to 400 in the Red Sport versions. Our test car had the standard version, and coupled with the excellent 7-speed automatic, it’s still nice and quick. The transmission is a reminder of just how much computers have made our lives better – switching gears effortlessly and mimicking a dual-clutch in manual mode – all done with electronic trickery.

Styling is one of the more important discussions when it comes to a coupe. Buyers of everyday sedans probably don’t care as much, but if you’re shopping for a coupe like this, chances are you want it to look great. This Infiniti has bold styling front-to-back, with a really aggressive and athletic stance.

The side of the car is especially good, with flaring rear fenders and great tension around the belt line. In the front, the sleek lines are disrupted by an incredibly large grille opening, but the lights and fascia look good enough to keep the grille from taking over. Around the rear, the quarter glass exhibits that current funky Nissan/Infiniti design language where the D-Pillar is swept forward against the lines of the car.

In most cases, I can’t stand this design choice. It doesn’t flow with the car, looks out of place and sometimes ruins an otherwise beautiful car. The Q60, however, pulls off this design element. The window is small enough, and the pillar is swept back enough for it to look like a design element instead of a mistake. Our only other gripe would be that the rear glass could move backward, effectively extending the greenhouse a bit and giving the rear passengers a bit more headroom. Small complaints on what is a beautiful motor car.

Inside, the theme continues with excellent material and design choices. The leather, aluminum and trim all feel upscale, as opposed to some of the Infinitis of years past. Not too much plastic to be found in the interior means that it can command a bit more price tag, and the $46k starting price. That’s for the 3.0T AWD version. You can spec them out cheaper, or get RWD, but here in Chicago why would you? Our test car, with all the safety and convenience options you could ever want, topped out at $57.2k, which is quite a sum of money for essentially a car most comfortable for two people.

If you’re looking for a great-looking coupe, however, that’s what you’re expecting for capacity, and the Infiniti now competes blow for blow with the likes of the Mercedes C-Class and BMW 4-series, so the price tag is warranted. This has gone from a gussied up Z-car like the previous generations, to a coupe designed and built from the ground up to compete. And compete it does. Check one out for yourself!

By Jason Saini

Special thanks to Ininiti USA for providing the 2017 Infiniti Q60 for review.