Million Champs by Taarini Dang: cultivating 1 million young entrepreneurs by 2028 to change the world

Taarini Kaur Dang is 13-year old 8th grader in Basis Independent Silicon Valley in San Jose, California. At the age of 12 she and her friend co-founded an Instagram account called Classy Women, with the goal to empower girls around the world. Shortly, the account got 52,000 followers. Some of them were seeking advice or help on how to fight domestic violence or gender discrimination. One day one of the followers asked Taarini how to change the world, and this is where it all started

“I didn’t know the answer back then, but soon I realized it lied in entrepreneurship. You can change the world through the ideologies.”

That led Taarini to starting Million Champs project, which teaches entrepreneurship virtually online, as well as in schools. The goal is to cultivate 1 million young entrepreneurs by 2028 to change the world.

“We’re opening chapters in India, Turkey and the USA,” says Taarini.

At the time she was working on Millon Champs, she also wrote a book called The Young, Inspiring Entrepreneur, which teaches kids a step-by-step process on how to become an entrepreneur and how to succeed. It also helps them fight and overcome social barriers, gender barriers, age bias, and any other obstacles young entrepreneurs might face down the road.

Soon after World Champs project started, Taarini created a venture capital fund called Dang Capital which is focused on helping women founders.

In 10 years from now Taarini sees herself being able to help many more women, empower many more women, getting Dang Capital stabilized, and being able to encourage more women to be interested in tech.

To get in touch with Taarini and to learn more about Million Champs project and other outreach Taarini does, visit her website at

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